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Diane (Sculuca) Diamantopoulos | Sanie~AT~Verizon~DOT~Net
My very good friend, Sandra Gruner, has donated 82,482 of her Delta Sky Miles to the MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION, INTERNATIONAL. If you are stationed in, or around, the various "War Conflicts" and are in need of FREE sky miles to get home on leave, please contact the "Make-A-Wish" foundation and tell them you would like to use some of Sandra Gruner's donated Sky Miles. Good Luck.

7 May 2004 - Holiday, Florida

Diane (Sculuca) Diamantopoulos | Sanie~AT~Verizon~DOT~Net
A Message From Unit 104 (Pasco Waves):

Honor thy father and thy mother. Especially, honor thy mother on this, her very special Mother's Day. Honor and respect her judgment, her inner strength and her wisdom. Embrace her and give her your love today in life, and in death. And remember, a mother anywhere in the world is a mother to us all.
7 May 2004 - Holiday, Florida

Dora Weddermann | doar~DOT~weddermann~AT~navy~DOT~mil
I was looking for information and came across this website. I think that it is a great site.
6 May 2004

Samantha Dripps SK3 | drippss~AT~washington~DOT~navy~DOT~mil
I am currently aboard the George Washington and I saw this web site in the POD. I think it is great that there is a website like this out there. Thank you for all the great info and see you when we get back in July!!!!
5 May 2004 - Wilmington, NC

Webmanager comments   Greetings to you sailors on the USS George Washington.
An old WAVE.

Andrea Strausser | strausa~AT~washington~DOT~navy~DOT~mil
I joined the Navy back in 1995 and currently I'm out to sea on board the mighty USS George Washington. Your website was great and I look forward to sitting down and visiting it again when I have more time to myself.
My hat is off to the WAVES, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be where I am today...
5 May 2004 - Hastings, MI

Leah Karl | lkarl~AT~dacc~DOT~uchicago~DOT~edu
I was a WAVE from 1964 to 1967 and a Naval Reservist until June of this year as I retire then...........guess I'm just feeling nostalgic and am searching for information about the WAVES.
4 May 2004 - Chicago IL

Pamela Smith-Gray | rip3de-squiddly~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I am searching for any USN (female) organizations and/or clubs w/i the Dayton/Cincinnati/Middletown area.
Any direction I can be given will be greatly appreciated.
I served from 1981-1987. Had boot in Orlando, "A" School in Meridina MS, and was stationed at DIA/Pentagon.
30 April 2004 - Franklin OH

Alice Mozelle Hall Barton | sassyrush~AT~aol~DOT~com
Thanks for the data.
29 April 2004 - Hallsville, Tx

Diane (Sculuca) Diamantopoulos | Sanie~AT~Verizon~DOT~Net
I posted a message yesterday regarding my transfer to Waves National in Pasco County Florida (Unit 104). But, since we've had newly elected Unit Officers I thought it would be a good idea to introduce them to Waves National members everywhere.

On April 21st, Gertrude Williams, the new President wielded the gavel and opened the meeting. She introduced Blanche Watson as our new Vice President, Judy Barrett as our new Secretary and Jackie Letchak as our new Treasurer.

All of the Unit Officers answered questions of the 3 prospective members (me included). We found out that when Blance Watson first came to Florida there were no Waves National units in the entire state -- so she started one! We found out that 3 of the 4 Unit Officers served during World War II, and Judy Barrett served during the Vietnam War. We also found out that after the May 19th meeting, the next meeting would be held the third Wednesday of each month starting in September.

It was a fantastic meeting -- the 3 prospects became members. And after about an hour and a half the meeting was closed, and lunch was served.
28 April 2004 - Holiday, Florida

Diane (Sculuca) Diamantopoulos | Sanie~AT~Verizon~DOT~Net
I moved away from St. Petersburg, Fla (Unit 60) and into Holiday, Fla and transferred my Waves National membership to Pasco County Unit 104.
The newly installed Officers quickly "volunteered" me to do the Unit's P.R. work. (Some things never change!)
Our Unit 104 is having its last Spring luncheon meeting on May 19th and all active, inactive and retired Navy, Coast Guard and Marine servicewomen are welcome to attend.
We meet and lunch at Demetri's Restaurant, 5312 Sunset Road, New Port Richey at 11:30 a.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. There will be no meetings in Summer. Our Autumn season starts the 3rd Wednesday of September.
Prospective members can call 727-372-1991 or 727-813-9006 for more information.
27 April 2004 - Holiday, Florida

Laurel | lblrapson~AT~chartermi~DOT~net
I think the WAVES is a wonderful thing. It might have been a long time ago but I'm 11 and I know about it! :) One of my friend's mom was a WAVE. I think that more people should know about this!!!!

17 April 2004 - Bay City, Michigan

Mary | mlhflyer~AT~msn~DOT~com
I am looking to correspond and gather information from any WAVES that may have served at NAS Millington TN, during WWII in the aviation end of things.
16 April 2004 - Huntington Station, NY

15 April 2004 - KENT, WA

Vivian Frazier | azynkvf~AT~aol~DOT~com
So far 2 of us gals from the Clearfield, Utah NSD 1944-45 have found each other and going to the Philly convention. Anymore of you out there???--I hope I hope
13 April 2004 - Chandler, Az

Dolores M. Meyer Clover (Dee) | delspins~AT~new~DOT~rr~DOT~com
This was such a good idea. Hi, I enlisted on 23 August 1949 and was discharged 7 July 1952. I served in the USNH Chelsea,MA and at the USNAS, Quonset,RI. Hospital Corpsman,under Lucille Tucker and a Capt.Smith and X-ray Technician(under a Chief Bailey and Warner Berge)I don't know what became of the hospital but the base is not there anymore.
10 April 2004 - Green Bay,WI

kenneth p smith USN/USNR | sh3smith~AT~aol~DOT~com
I found your site while helping my soon- to-be wife on a paper. My grandmother was a USO lady and told me about you brave ladies as a child. Thank you very much ladies. SH3 K.P.Smith USNR
10 April 2004 - Daytona Beach FL

Miriam (McCormack) Bauer | b427m416~AT~aol~DOT~com
What a great way to find shipmates
9 April 2004 - Melbourne, FL

Irene Gilbreath Dodd | irenedodd~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Former YN2, Dec 67 - Jan 76, NAS Quonset Point, RI; Anti-Submarine Warfare Force Pacific, Pearl Harbor, HI; BUPERS, Washington, DC; EPMAC, New Orleans, LA
9 April 2004 - Villa Park, IL

William Holland | bholland~AT~ix~DOT~netcom~DOT~com
Looking for anyone who knew my mother, Frances Holland (maiden name - Papenmeyer) who served in the WAVES 9/44 - 12/45 & 10/46 - 10/47. She was stationed at the USNRS and US Naval Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known her.
6 April 2004 - Glendora, Calif

in7531a | jocelyn_neudauer~AT~redlands~DOT~edu
Looking for someone who served in the Virginia WAVE in 1939 who knew Martha Gannaway. I am doing a research paper for a class. Please contact me at my email address. I would really appreciate any helpful information. Thank you so much!
6 April 2004 - Redlands, CA

Webmanager comments   There were no WAVES until 1942.

Madeline E. Hoppe
Nice to have an old shipmate to e-mail. Need more Great Lakes waves from the 59 and 60 and 61 time frame. I have hotmail so I can't be reached by e-mail. But once I have your name in my address, it's ok.
4 April 2004 - Onaway, Michigan 49765

carol | carolandjackj~AT~att~DOT~net
thanks for all you did.
2 April 2004 - s. glastonbury, ct.

Sally (McConnell) Nichols | sdnichols~AT~maplenet~DOT~net
Served in WW 11 in Harrisburg, Pa. at the Mechanicsburg Naval Supply Depot. Took boot camp training at Hunters College July - August, 1945. Would love to hear from any Ex-WAVE who shares the same training and service.
1 April 2004 - Warsaw. Indiana 46580-4819

Nellie P. De Baker | nell~AT~gbonline~DOT~com
I am looking for roommates for the National Convention in Philadelphia. Non-smoker: three preferred to share cost of room. Haven't received any material yet for the convention but assume days of stay would be days 6,7,8.
28 March 2004 - Luxemburg, WI

CMDCM(SW) CAROL L. VARNER, USN | cmc~AT~curtis-wilbur~DOT~navy~DOT~mil
Aloha, I'm currently serving in USS CURTIS WILBUR (DDG-54)as her Command Master Chief. It's 0138 and we are steaming in the Pacific. I have been asked to be a guest speaker when our ship pulls into Sasebo, Japan for the Women's History month banquet. Since their original guest speaker had to cancel, the Command Master Chief of Sasebo knew our ship was pulling into port and asked me. Therefore, I've been researching some info. I think I'm going to stick with my history since I've been in the Navy almost 33 years. I'd like to talk about the WAVES, since I entered the Navy back in 1971 as a WAVE. I went to Boot Camp in Bainbridge, MD. I've downloaded the info on your website. However, I need to know the date the WAVES were officially disestablished. I believe they called us WINS (Women in the Navy). If anyone can give me this info, I would greatly appreciate it. I only have a couple days to prepare for the speech.
26 March 2004 - Yokosuka, Japan

Webmanager comments   We were able to help CMC Varner. Hope her speech went well.

lois695 | atc001~AT~alltel~DOT~net
looking for shipmates of the years 1964-1967,rtc bbg,millington afua,and barber's point 65-67.would love to evisit with,and remember the times,share the good after, let you know you are in my heart and prayers.
23 March 2004 - southwest georgia

Stephen and Maureen Rant | rants~AT~optonline~DOT~net
We are looking for the dates of the convention in Philadelphia. Stephen's
Aunt (Helen Nugent) is active in the Greenbrae, CA unit.
22 March 2004 - Poughkeepsie, New York

Webmanager comments   The WN Convention is August 2-8, 2004 in Philadelphia. Headquarters at the Wyndham Hotel. Call 215-675-0906 for more info.
**** Convention news & information will be posted in the coming weeks! ****

Jo Flack USN, Ret. | mnykty~AT~earthlink~DOT~net
Just checking on all the changes to web site and looking for information on the upcoming convention.
19 March 2004 - Holly Springs, NC

suppersmile :^)
thank you for wanting to be in ww2
12 March 2004 - newport news VA

Laurie Carlson | lacarlson1~AT~aol~DOT~com
WOW! I feel so fortunate to find this website. I served on the USS Acadia AD42 1993-1994. I went from being a civilian nurse to a boiler technician in the navy. It has always been my goal to get greasy and dirty, make money and have fun. Thank-you to all of you women that have strong back bones and the patience you had to have in your era of women's liberation. Your history has allowed me to pursue my goal in a man's world with little to no injustice. THANK-YOU AND GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU.
11 March 2004 - Foxboro, Wisc

Shirley Croucher | shirleycroucher~AT~msn~DOT~com
I was looking up my family name and found this page, which I think is great!I was not in the Navy. but I grew on the ocean in Newfoundland Canada,I have a 15 year old step son who is considering joining the Navy. Well enjoy the day and may we all have peace..
11 March 2004 - Lashburn Canada

elizabeth jane luck | pete~AT~telogix~DOT~com
I served in tha WAVES from 1944 until 1946 in Washington D C at Navy Department in comumications as a telegrapher 3rd Class I took my training at Hunter College, New York. Would love to hear from any one who served at that time.I went by the name of Jane Luck at this time.
9 March 2004 - Champaign Illinois

madeline e. hoppe | madelinehoppe~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Served 5 years in Army. Was in Navy Reserves and went on active duty 1960-61. Great Lakes, Ill. Married sailor, 3 children. Now live in MI Sports Editor on base paper, Great Lakes Bulletin. Send e-mail if name rings a bell.
8 March 2004 - Onaway, Michigan 49765

Angelo Olivo | aolivo~AT~iss-md~DOT~com
Looking for any DP/MA/PN/YN WAVES who were stationed at PAMI CONUS at Bainbridge Md. Please contact me for reunion information.
8 March 2004 - San Diego, CA

LORNA BAKER KNAUS | pactradr~AT~alaska~DOT~com
Looking for anyone from boot camp Company 17 Great Lakes Navy Traning Center 1951.
I am in touch with a studio that is recreating "Skirts Ahoy" movie that we
marched in.
6 March 2004 - Seattle, Washington

Diane (Sculuca) Diamond | Sanie~AT~Verizon~DOT~Net
I actually HEARD from an old shipmate, thank's to her son-in-law who saw my posting of her name! And, thanks to modern technology we're able to E-Mail each other daily! Now, I am communicating with TWO old friends!!But, I'm still looking for other Wave friends from Great Lakes, especially from barracks #702. So, please let me hear from you -- Virginia Wertman, Shirley Leary, Helene Williams, Tina LaBue, Georgia Rappasarda, Mickey Fantoz, Sylvia DeJesus, Shirley Knight, Esther Martin of Portugese descent, Betty Lee, Elizabeth Barger and Caroline Tobias, to mention just a few. Get on the horn and give me a shout. This is "The Greek" signing off.
5 March 2004 - Holiday, Florida

Jim Doolittle
I am looking for information on a WAVE named Helen Weber, Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class. Helen enlisted in '43, and was discharged at the end of '45.
If anyone has any information on Helen, please e-mail me.
4 March 2004 - Merrimack, NH

Ben Hillman | benhillman2003~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I attended RM A school at Bainbridge from Feb 1971 to June 1971. Met some great ladies who were attending boot camp during that time. Was wondering if anyone has any recruit company photos during that period.
3 March 2004

Heidi Kitsmiller | kitsmiha~AT~muohio~DOT~edu
Louise Jordan, my great-aunt was a WAVE and stationed in Hawaii during the war. If anyone knew her, please contact me! Thanks!
29 February 2004 - Pickerington, Ohio

29 February 2004 - TOMS RIVER

Lt. Cmdr. Mary Wendt Riedl | lipinski~AT~webburner~DOT~net
I am looking for Mary Johnson Tornbom whom I served with in Boston in 1942-1945. We were in the first WAVE class and we went to duty at the Northern group of the Eastern Sea Frontier in the Communications office. Let me know if you know of her whereabouts or any others who served with me. Mary
28 February 2004 - Montello, Wisconsin

Quinn E. (Urban) Dahlstrom | qeud~AT~juno~DOT~com
Looking for WAVES that may be looking for me. When I look back at what was taught me those weeks in Boot Camp, I think how lucky I am.
28 February 2004 - Bonney Lake, WA

dorothy shimko zakrewski | marymarishka~AT~aol~DOT~com
looking for WAVES that were stationed in Corpus Christi during the second world war.
24 February 2004 - Allentown,Pennsylvania

Webmanager comments   My cousin, Lillian Bedell Cassidy, was stationed there as a Storekeeper.

Diane (Sculuca) Diamond | Sanie~AT~Verizon~DOT~Net
After Bainbridge Boot in November 1959 I was assigned to Journalism "A" School in Great Lakes. I remember all of my classmates faces, but I can't remember too many of their names. I do definitely remember George Roberts, Betty Lee, Sue, Gunther and Peter. I also remember being photographed by one of the Photo Instructors. My photograph, enlarged to 3ft X 3ft, hung in the "geedunk" for at least 3 years! I sure would like to hear from all of you!
24 February 2004 - Holiday, Florida

Diane (Sculuca) Diamond | Sanie~AT~Verizon~DOT~Net
I am still anxious to hear from Bainbridge Boot friends (August to November, 1959). In my mind's eye, I can still see us in our snappy gray uniforms with black accessories as we marched on the grinder, marched to the chow hall, and training in Company 23's Drill Team! I still see you: Filsby, Meyers, Orringer, Caesar, DeLuca, Chelupka, Barre Coe and Betty Lee to mention just a few.
P.S. I still have our Co. 23 group photograph. We were in our dress blues.
22 February 2004 - Holiday, Florida

Sharon Carter Vail | slvail~AT~aol~DOT~com
Someone asked when the women were moved to Orlando, Florida for training. I went in search of the information and the History of NTC Orlando says that women started training in 1973.
21 February 2004 - Eagle Point, Oregon

Sharon Carter Vail | slvail~AT~aol~DOT~com
This is a great site. I will pass it on. I was in Company 3013 in Orlando 1975. NTC Commander: Captain Cheek, Company Commander: PO 2 Williams. Would like to e-mail with any other company mates.
21 February 2004 - Eagle Point, Oregon

Roberta E. Luce (Lucy) | robertaluce~AT~sbcglobal~DOT~com
Boot camp Co. 3 Bainbridge Jan. 1955
Bainbridge Hospital Corps School
Oakland Calif. Oaknoll Naval Hosp.
St. Albans Naval Hosp. 1958-1959
Cool web site.
21 February 2004 - Detroit Michigan

21 February 2004 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Vera Mae Hendricks Hampton | Veramae79~AT~aol~DOT~com
Looking for WAVES from Boot Camp NY May 1944 and Oakland Naval Supply Depot 1944-1946. WAVE Barracks Oakland CA Building 1A.
19 February 2004 - La Pine, Oregon

Pat O'Brien Holcmbe | TurboWAVE~AT~webtv~DOT~net
Enjoying seeing the stories; and recognizing names of old Navy friends.
19 February 2004 - Grand Bay, AL

Pat O'Brien Holcombe, WW2WAVE | TurboWAVE~AT~webtv~DOT~net
Looking for shipmates from WW2 era.
19 February 2004 - Grand Bay, AL

Mary (Pat O'Brien) Holcombe | TurbWAVE~AT~webtv~DOT~net
This site is terrific! Thanks!
19 February 2004 - Grand Bay, AL

Lorraine (DeRose) Boldini | melody520~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Looking for anyone who was stationed at the following bases when I was there: Boot camp Orlando Sept. '73 - Nov. '73, Company 3434. Storekeeper "A" School San Diego Dec. '73 - Feb '74. NAS Kingsville, TX March '74 - March '75. NSGA Winter Harbor, ME Mar'75 - Mar '76. And back to NAS Kingsville, TX Mar '76 - Sept. '77.
18 February 2004 - Westfield, MA

Francy McDonald Young | lucky1002~AT~aol~DOT~com
I was in Bainbrige, Md. in July till Oct. 2,1970. Then went to CC,Texas.
17 February 2004 - Daingerfield Tx.

Webmanager comments   July of what year, Francy?

Lorraine Fecteau | ernlor~AT~midmaine~DOT~com
I am a non-member and have just now visited your website. Just want you all to know we appreciate the service the women of this country have given. My husband was a sailor for 4 years and his uncle was a lifer. His aunt also served as a WAVE.
17 February 2004 - Winslow, ME 04901

Marilyn | arkie456~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Boot Camp Orlando, FL 3/1975 Company 3214D
16 February 2004 - Texarkana

Bertha E. Payne | grasdock~AT~aol~DOT~com
Served 1950-1954 Washinton DC Berth at Quarters K, Arlington, VA. Looking to hear from anyone stationed there during that time. My last duty station was at Gunner's Mate School, served as a Yeoman.
15 February 2004 - Bellingham, WA

Leta Triece Edwards | hledwa~AT~aol~DOT~com
This is the first time I have seen this website. Good to see it. Am trying to find the applications for the scholarships.
12 February 2004 - San Antonio, Texas

Webmanager comments   Here is the link to the page with the WAVES National College Scholarship.

Linda Jones | ljones40~AT~Hotmail~DOT~com
I am Looking for anyone who was in company 29 Commanded by PH. York in 1970 at Bainbridge Maryland
6 February 2004 - Champaign Ill

Alice Zanzal | azsz2124~AT~cs~DOT~com
Looking for Billie Collier (maiden name)
who was stationed with me at Alameda Navel Air Stationin 1945
6 February 2004 - Danbury, CT

Diane R in FLorida | onehiplady_99~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I'm looking for Carolyn Jean Gravely. She goes by the name Jean. She loved "Startrek" and had pictures of the actors in her vehicle. She was a CAP in Richmond and lived in Clifton Forge the last time I spoke with her.
6 February 2004 - Stuart, Florida

Donna (Testa) Gaines | donnag107~AT~aol~DOT~com
Great website! I enjoyed reading the messages from former WAVES. I did bootbcamp Bainbridge 10/69-12/69,Co.10, Hospital Corp School 1/70-4/70? and would love to hear from Linda Poole aka
"Poodle", my first roomate at Naval Hosp. Camp Lejune,NC. and anyone else who I served with during my enlistment.
I was also privileged to serve under Capt. Mary Cannon at both Camp Lejune and later at Portsmouth Naval Hosp, where I last saw her prior to my discharge. If anyone has any info about these "friends", please contact me. Thanks again for a great trip through the pages of this guestbook.
3 February 2004 - Summerville, SC

Kathleen Young Endres | Karamben3~AT~aol~DOT~com
this is a great site. Cecelia Lathrop if you are still out there send me an e-mail
2 February 2004 - Menasha, WI

Jeannette (Angelo) Purcell | purcell~AT~dp~DOT~net
Hi Everyone. I am enjoying reading the messages that are here. I served between March 1960 - June 1964. I would enjoy hearing from anyone that was in boot camp Company 10, Bainbrige,Md and Philadelphia at that time.
28 January 2004 - Perryopolis, Pa. 15473

I was in history today, reading stories about the WAVES, for a project. And when I got online to finish researching I found your website.(talk about coincidence!) Thank you all for helping save probably millions of lives. You all helped the war effort and the women's effort to show they can do anything a man can.
28 January 2004 - harrison, ohio

Betty M. Long | bcatlongandcatz~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
USNTC Bainbridge Maryland 1956 bootcamp
and Hospital Corps School there following that. May 1957 to Corona, CA
25 January 2004 - Portland, Oregon

cortney cross
this site is nice. I hope to join one day!!!
24 January 2004 - childress texas

Delores (Dee Marsh) Sabin | pandora~AT~uslink~DOT~net
I attended boot camp May 1961 - July 1961 in Bainbridge (comopany 14) then was on to NAS Corpus Christi, Tx for the remaining time of my 3 year enlistment. I was in Special Services the entire time there and worked a cushy job at the base golf course..
Would love hearing from others who were there..
14 January 2004 - Hibbing, MN

Diane (Sculuca) Diamond
Over the years I have tried to reach Bainbridge Boot friends (August to November 1959)like Filsby, Oringer, Meyer, Betty Lee and Caesar. After JOA School and then assignment in Great Lakes until 1962, I've searched for #702 Barracksmates Ginny Wertman, Shirley Leary, Esther Martin, Micky Fantoz, Tina LaBue and Georgia Rappasarda to mention just a few. Some of the servicemen I worked with, like MSGT John Reddick, Gunny John Kelly, JO2 Robert Budd, and LtCmd Steffens. If anyone is out there please give me a shout.
6 January 2004 - Holiday, Florida

Emma McKinney-Anderson | rbluedove27~AT~earthlink~DOT~net
Looking for an old friends who served with the WAVES in Patuxent River,Md. back in 1961-63. Karen Becker, Betty Hatfield, Mary Hamrick, Shirley Krow
1 January 2004 - Patuxent River, Md

Julie Wiley Barnard | juliecbarnard~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
My mother, Mary Kupir, was a WAVE stationed at Terminal Island during WWII. She worked in the section that did coding and decoding of messages. I am looking for anyone who recognizes her name and maybe worked in the same section. She received her training at Smith College and Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts. She died last year, and unfortunately I didn't ask her enough questions about her years in the Navy before she lost her memory. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
30 December 2003 - California

Nellie P. Krinke De Baker | nell~AT~gbonline~DOT~com
Hello to all my comrades. Served in U.S. Navy: bootcamp at Bainbridge, MD from September 2l, l967 to December l, l967: Company l0. Desire to hear from anyone from Company l0. Lead a very active life as a volunteer in several veteran organizations.

26 December 2003 - Luxemburg, Wisconsin

Jane Masterson - Reg#1-Rep | WAVEJM~AT~aol~DOT~com
Merry Christmas and a Happy (2004) New Year to WN-Region #1 and to all Women of the Sea Services.
16 December 2003 - Morro Bay, Ca

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